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Tracklist : Avicii - True

Publié par Eyox sur 9 Août 2013, 15:07pm

Catégories : #Albums

Tracklist : Avicii - True

La Tracklist du prochain album d'Avicii :



1- Wake Me Up ! (feat. Aloe Blacc)
2- You Make Me (feat. Salem Al Fakir)
3- Hey Brother (feat. Dan Tyminski)
4- Addicted to You (feat. Mac Davis & Audra Mae)
5- Dear Boy
6- Liar Liar
7- Shame on Me
8- Lay Me Down (feat. Adam Lambert)
9- Hope Theres Someone (feat. Linnea Henriksson)
10- Heart Upon My Sleeve (feat. Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons)
11- Long Road to Hell (feat. Audra Mae)
12- Edom


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Omni Tech Review 20/11/2014 13:49

I think among all the track lists buy Avici this one is the best. The true fact, the real true fact that avicii is one of the best and I must say that right to everyone’s face, because I know there are a lot of aviciii haters out there.

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